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The HetNet Forum, a membership body within The Wireless Infrastructure Association, is dedicated to the development of the Heterogeneous Network (HetNet), a combination of Distributed Antenna System solutions, small cell technologies and Wi-Fi infrastructure working together to enable wireless broadband coverage and capacity.

DAS and small-cell solutions are critical to the build out of wireless services, including wireless broadband. Today, consumers demand consistent wireless broadband coverage and capacity across every setting. To meet this demand, the cellular network is moving closer to the consumer, using a variety of licensed and unlicensed technologies working in tandem. Today’s networks employ a variety of technologies from cellular towers, rooftop antennas, microcells, picocells, Wi-Fi and Distributed Antenna Systems. Together, these heterogeneous network (HetNet) technologies knit together the nation’s wireless networks.

DAS and other small-cell solutions are deployment-ready technologies that are perfectly positioned to timely and efficiently meet the goals of ubiquitous, high-speed wireless broadband networks. Further, these technologies are highly adaptable and can be modified to service future spectrum allocations and communications standards with minimal impact on surrounding areas... Read More

What We Do

The HetNet Forum operates a variety of programs to further its mission by ... Read More

The HetNet Forum invites participation from all parties with an interest in serving our mission. There are four categories of membership available ... Read More

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