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Smart Cities Week Global

The speaker lineup at Smart Cities Week Global is heating up! We have added a tremendous amount of talent to our roster and  can't wait to share their expertise with you. Your free education from a global cohort of experts begins October 19 and runs through November 10. 

Join us as we connect crisis into opportunity. 

  • Some highlights include:
    Discover how the city of Chattanooga, TN is championing a digital transformation of the planning and operations of the city. Engage with city officials, Oak Ridge National Laboratory scientists, university researchers and Siemens Mobility as they share the transformative work benefiting the city's electric grid, transportation/mobility, building energy efficiency and cybersecurity systems.
  • Cities are made up of smart buildings. Smart building management will be needed to help cities meet 2030 climate goals. Retrofit and integration of technology is just the start. Smart building and campus technology can transform community engagement, improve quality of life, and make residents safer. Hear from experts bringing their communities into the future.

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